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We’re back from Facilities Show 2019 and we’ve consolidated all of our findings from the week. We’ve discovered that at some point every team member was asked the same question: so what do Vanti actually do?

This might seem like a relatively simple question for a lot of companies to answer, but it’s a little trickier for us. It’s hard to conceptualise what we do, because we don’t have a snazzy app or gimmicky product; we do so many things and we often don’t work in the tangible space. Our work is fairly complex and highly varied, but understanding what we do should be quite simple.

We often work in two capacities, with our acting role adapting to the needs of a client’s project.

1. As Master Systems Integrator

Systems are often designed in isolation, and as a result they are often installed separately. These systems can then be coordinated through the input of the MSI (Master System Integrator), allowing the client a fully integrated technology experience.

At this stage we will usually deploy Smart Core, the building technology platform that we’ve developed in-house, alongside the individual systems already in place in order to bring everything together. This is a strategy that we use with both retrofit and new build projects.

2. As Main Technology Contractor

Imagine a world where everything in a new building was designed to work together from the start. A world where the new building technology was already coordinated, joined up and on the same platform.

This imaginary (but likely future) world creates efficiencies across the board and it’s part of why we love to begin thinking about technology integration in the design stage of a build. We’ve termed this role the Main Technology Contractor, and it’s a capacity we’re working in increasingly regularly as the construction and property industries wake up to the benefits of considering technology earlier in project development.

Our thinking is that if a building is designed around the way that people use it, and beyond that the future of technology upgrades is also considered, then less time and money can be spent on adapting the building further down the line. This also reduces project risk by defining the building’s UX first.

Our approach

This is where the magic happens. We’ve got a strong focus on flexibility and future proofing, as achieving both of these leads to more sustainable buildings that are fit for purpose for much longer. We achieve this by having a slightly different approach to technology integration…

Most modern workspaces are flood-wired with services like power and data in a modular fashion; this facilitates flexibility and tries to accommodate constantly evolving business needs.

At present, most building technology isn’t designed or built with the same flexibility in mind. Our approach, which focuses on the use of area control panels, aims to create a flexible, expandable and open modular platform where we can connect any supported in-building technology together for low level integration. This means that technology integration is designed from the beginning, rather than added on top at the end.

The idea is that these panels are installed at strategic points around a building, typically in risers or comms rooms, and everything is connected in these spaces – such as HVAC, lighting, metering, desk booking, AV, occupancy sensing, access control, etc – to the nearest local area control panel. The architecture we use combined with Smart Core allows flexibility and future proofing, meaning that everything we connect into the panel is almost pre-integrated out of the box.

Smart Core

Smart Core is Vanti’s very own open platform and framework, set to change the way that the property and construction industries think about deploying, maintaining and optimising technology in buildings.

The platform pieces together different hardware and software technologies in unique configurations to provide solid foundations for building automation. It is designed for use in and around physical spaces – e.g. rooms in hotels, meeting rooms and open areas in offices.

We hope this overview has made what Vanti do a bit clearer! If you’d like to engage us as a Main Technology Contractor or Master Systems Integrator, or have a conversation about how Smart Core can benefit you, we’d love to hear from you.

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