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Assumptions and limitations of Smart

Technology has come a long way in the past decade. The huge leaps forward in wireless communications in particular have paved the way for what we’ve come to know as ‘Smart’ spaces, with wifi, 4G, Bluetooth, and RFID enabling processes that we’d have written off as sci-fi not too long ago. The implication of this advancement is that tech is now almost omnipresent – what were called Smartphones are now just regular phones, we’re all almost constantly connected to the internet, and we increasingly use systems and devices to make our lives run more smoothly.

As Master Systems Integrators, Vanti bring Smart to life by creating incredible buildings and spaces that make their users and occupants happier and more productive, and help the owners and occupiers achieve their business goals. However, it’s not always straightforward – as Smart technology is a field still very much in its infancy, there are a number of assumptions people make and limitations companies like us encounter.

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