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Vanti are one of the UK’s most forward-thinking systems integrators, dedicated to leading the way when it comes to Smart building. We work with construction companies, architects, consultants, and other integration companies to create cost-effective, efficient spaces that improve productivity and wellbeing.


Traditionally, buildings have been about creating spaces where people can live and work, and their ability to provide beyond this basic functionality has been limited by architecture and technology.

However, as these fields have advanced, the idea of a scenario where the building and its services can contribute to a positive user experience has become more feasible. The potential rewards that can be offered by a building that places UX at the centre of its design can be massive and sustainable.

A Smart building is designed to benefit its users and inhabitants by connecting its systems in an integrated and functional way, thus fulfilling its mission and minimising the negative impact on cost and environment.


Supercharge your connectivity and unleash the true potential of your organisation’s technology.

An increasing reliance on Cloud Services, Hosted Applications and offsite backup as part of Disaster Recovery planning, means that reliable and super-fast connectivity has never been so important. We’re able to provide connectivity from top tier providers over copper or fibre. From ADSL 2+ through to SDSL, fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and leased lines or private MPLS circuits.

So whether you’re planning a new Wireless Network providing guest or public access or needing to connect multiple offices together on a private network, we can help.

Structured cabling is no longer just about your IT network.

As more and more technology disciplines such as Audio-visual, CCTV, Telephony, Building Management Systems and even fire alarm systems converge and switch to using common structured cabling as their transmission medium, getting it right is absolutely imperative.

All our structured cabling is installed to internationally recognised standards, ensuring they are as neat, uncomplicated and maintainable as possible. This also means that future upgrades and modifications can be easily rolled out in a modular fashion.

We’re big fans of brightly coloured patch cables following predetermined cabling conventions too. Who wants to be greeted by a grey spaghetti monster when they open a cabinet?!

Our Audio-Visual and IT experience fits well with the converging technologies in CCTV.

CCTV systems are now used for a multitude of purposes from the traditional securing of premises through to safeguarding children and monitoring processes on factory floors. Systems are now so far removed from their legacy analogue counterparts with high definition video quality and features such as people counting and motion detection.

Nearly all modern CCTV systems are now IP enabled meaning feeds can be easily routed around existing data networks. We also have the capability to help enable remote access to monitor systems as well as design complex viewing stations for people to actively monitor.

With digital streams of CCTV images available the integration possibilities are endless. Capturing images of people as they pass through Access Control gates or showing live feeds on Digital Signage are just two examples.

Secure your building and realise new integration possibilities with Access Control.

Access control systems replace traditional locks and keys with electronic readers and tokens that facilitate access through a building. The greatest benefit of access control is replacing huge bunches of keys with a single token that can uniquely identify an individual.

With people uniquely identifiable via their token, physical access to rooms and other areas of buildings can be easily enabled and disabled via a simple control interface. These rules can also be configured around other parameters such as times of day or days of the week. The same tokens can also be used to record people’s times in and out of a building.

Access control is commonly integrated with CCTV to capture images of people as they move through particular areas, to activate/deactivate intruder alarms or to activate room controls such as audio-visual equipment and lighting. Digital Signage can also be configured to show particular content as access control events are recorded, perhaps warning people about restrictions or special instructions when entering an area.

Changing the way people are able to work, both in the same room and at distance.

Visual Collaboration facilitates the rapid flow of business ideas around an organisation, dramatically increasing understanding and enabling people to transfer knowledge and expertise like never before.

When combined with Unified Communication technologies, Visual Collaboration can be integrated to enable the transfer of both audio and video feeds with the added benefit of being able to collaborate on that content in real-time. This means remote workers can be more connected than ever before and the effect of people’s location diminishes as more informed decisions can be made.

The collaboration technologies typically take the form of an interactive surface around which multiple people are able to work. Solid Connectivity and centrally Hosted Applications allow remote workers to join and share the experience of their colleagues.

Take a look at Smart’s ‘Ready for Change?’ video, which demonstrates how organisations can take advantage of Visual Collaboration technology.

Create game-changing opportunities for increasing collaboration and productivity, both within your organisation and with external partners.

Unified Communications (UC) encompasses a set of products that provide a consistent user interface and user experience across multiple devices (including Mobile) and media types, removing the dependency on either. It is also concerned with the integration of real time communication services like instant messaging, telephony, and video conferencing with asynchronous services like voicemail, SMS and email.

We’ve taken UC implementations to new heights, combining our audio-visual and IT know-how to deliver not just the platform on which to communicate and collaborate but also extensions of it in to physical spaces including interactive projectors, document cameras, lighting control and touch panels.

Founded in 1986 and based in Denver, Dean Evans & Associates is a leader in the development of sophisticated software systems including: meeting and event scheduling, resource management, academic scheduling, shared workspace management (office ‘hoteling’ or ‘hot desking’), web calendaring and online registration and surveys.

Today, more than 4000 organisations rely on EMS software. As an accredited International Business Partner we are able to implement and support the whole EMS product line as well as exploit sophisticated integration opportunities with Digital Signage (showing who is booked in to rooms or way-finding to locations), Boardrooms and High-End Sales Spaces (activating in-room technology such as video conferencing equipment before attendees arrive for their meeting) and Lecture Capture Systems (to automatically begin recording selected scheduled events or lectures).

EMS has helped facilities of all sizes, for over a quarter century, maximise resource utilisation, streamline communications and reduce operating costs. Any scheduling challenges you’re facing, the EMS product line has a solution for you.

EMS Lite

EMS Lite™ is a user-friendly room scheduling product for managing the meetings, events, classes and more that take place in your facility. Designed to schedule the rooms within a single building, EMS Lite is a cost-effective solution for smaller organisations or an individual department within an organisation.

EMS Professional

EMS Professional™ is comprehensive, full-featured facility scheduling software designed to be used in larger facilities or across multiple sites.

EMS Enterprise

EMS Enterprise™ helps organisations save time by streamlining their meeting and event scheduling, reduce overhead by optimising the utilisation of their rooms and other resources and improve communication by automating the web publishing of event information for staff or customers.

EMS Legal

EMS Legal™ helps law practices streamline their meeting and event scheduling, maximize the utilisation of their rooms and other resources and improve communications.

EMS Workplace

EMS Workplace™ is a powerful facility scheduling system for managing the most complex ‘hoteling’ requirements, as well as the booking of meeting/event space and resources.

EMS Master Calendar

EMS Master Calendar™ gives everyone instant, online access to a centralised calendar that helps you promote events.

EMS Regics

EMS Regics® is powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective software for managing the online registration process for meetings and events as well as for defining and implementing web-based surveys.

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Why choose Vanti for your Smart building partner?

We're experienced

We're incredibly proud to have won awards and industry recognition for our work in the relatively young field of Smart building, and we'd love to put this experience to use for you by designing a bespoke solution that improves productivity and profitability.

We're driven by values

Integrated. Seamless. Adaptable. Hidden. Easy to use. These five ideas are the cornerstone of our collaborative approach to Smart building, and we strive to ensure all of our integration work fulfils these criteria for the benefit of the clients we work with.

We're forward-thinking

As buildings start to get smarter, we can dramatically reduce the cost of decisions over the lifetime of the building by installing and integrating technology with a view to changing it over time and working smarter in planning for changes.

Smart building in action…

UBM - Smart building case study

When UBM started planning their new London HQ, they wanted something every bit as innovative and cutting-edge as they were. Vanti developed an integrated system that included security, AV, IT, room and desk booking, visitor management, building management, and more. The UBM office is a standout example of how smart building technology can transform lives.

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  • “From our initial introduction through to the final phases of our build, working with Vanti has been a pleasure. The collaborative ‘can do’ attitude of the Vanti team has been invaluable in the successful implementation of The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s complex and varied technical fit out. Due to the multifaceted nature of building a conservatoire for the 21st century and beyond, it was fantastic to work with an open-minded and forward-thinking installation company who consistently went the extra mile, applying creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to complex problems.”

    Richard Cornock, Music Technologies Manager / Birmingham City University /

  • "We have worked closely as a team over the last couple of years with Vanti, delivering the complex and demanding Royal Birmingham Conservatoire project, which includes a high density of production venues and studios. Vanti have a very capable in-house programming team who are not phased by unusual control interfacing challenges, which has proven to be a particularly major asset for the successful delivery of show relay, stage management and lighting control systems for the project. Vanti have responded quickly to challenges arising during installation with clever and practical solutions. They have always been positive, proactive and happy to innovate together. The team have gone the extra mile and genuinely care about the quality of the end result, particularly the user experience.”

    Mike Bedford, Associate Director / Hoare Lea Intelligent Buildings Group /

  • “This project was highly challenging in terms of complexity and due to the central role AV and lighting played in the spaces we were working in. It was vital that we were able to implement the technology that would make the Conservatoire state-of-the-art without compromising the acoustic quality or soundproofing of the rooms. Alongside BCU’s music tech managers, we worked closely with technicians from world-class partners such as Meyer and SSL to achieve incredible results. We’ve installed a range of extremely high-quality equipment across the performance spaces so students can gain experience with different makes and models of mixing console, speakers, and lighting.”

    Raj Patel, Technical Director / Vanti /

  • "Vanti carried out a complete overhaul of our IT systems and servers, so now we’re all consistent and working from the same operating system. The Vanti team are very patient and will talk you through everything; if you’re not an IT guru they will hold your hand and take you through the technicalities in layman’s terms so you can make the right decisions. The whole system is working much better than with our previous IT supplier; Vanti flag things proactively and fix any issues very quickly. Even with support calls, they tend to solve problems straightaway - the team are very helpful and I can’t commend them highly enough."

    Hayley Hillyard, Financial Controller / The Lighting Industry Association /

  • “We put a lot of faith into Vanti when we engaged with them to design, supply and install the AV systems for our new workspace, as we needed an AV setup that enabled us to communicate our mission to clients, partners, and stakeholders. We weren’t disappointed - Vanti did a great job in specifying and providing systems that we needed, and they delivered this to an incredibly high standard. It was really good to work with a company that shares our drive for innovation.”

    Phil Whitfield, Interim Property Manager / Energy Systems Catapult /

  • "We are delighted with our new innovation centre. The final execution brings to life our vision of creating a hands-on environment that empowers retail staff to know, understand and, therefore, sell the BSH home appliance brands more successfully."

    Andrew Jones, Marketing Director / BSH Home Appliances /

  • "We loved working with Green Room to develop BSH Appliances' new Home of Innovation Centre. We hope that Vanti's digital displays and AV systems really help users get the most out of the facility."

    Mike Brooman, CEO / Vanti /

  • "Vanti’s installation work is so neat and precise that it makes the technology seem invisible. At the same time, they make it so easy to use that there is no need for specialists to operate it."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti’s work is always exceptional. They are always able to interpret our requirements to deliver a successful outcome to each project. […] Rather than selling you an idea, Vanti works out what your business is trying to achieve. They make the solution right for the problem, rather than trying to force a problem to fit an existing solution."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti has educated us on how to connect our audio visual technology to our IT infrastructure, ensuring that it works now and for the long term.”

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /