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Vanti Managed Service Agreements are perfect for busy, forward-thinking companies who recognise that downtime is a waste of time and who see the value in using technology efficiently to boost their productivity and profitability.


At Vanti, we take an alternative approach to the traditional break-fix philosophy by providing clients with managed service agreements that address the technology issues facing their company. This is designed to focus on proactive monitoring, business outcomes and tasks rather than the time taken to perform work. Our managed services agreements focus on:

  • Allowing clients to focus on their core business, not technology issues
  • Making IT and Audio-Visual (AV) provisions more reliable through proactive maintenance
  • Capping costs
  • Ensuring it is easy to budget for IT and AV expenditure
  • Keeping clients well informed about the current state of their technology assets


Our approach to cloud means you can leverage all of the benefits whilst still knowing where your data is and who has access to it.

Virtualisation led the way in unlocking the exceptional growth in computing power by sharing it between multiple virtual servers. Now, Private Cloud builds on that by dynamically delivering IT as compute, storage and networking services to allow you to scale or shrink your service to your applications exactly, meaning you’re only charged for what you actually use.

Our Hybrid cloud approach leverages the best of both virtual worlds, connecting clouds together to achieve elasticity (the rapid or automatic scaling of applications so they cope with load placed upon them) or to achieve cost savings e.g. moving archive data to cheaper storage rather than paying to have it accessible all of the time at the highest speeds.

We appreciate that the IT landscape is changing and we’re highly adept at creating cloud-based infrastructures connected to public clouds, specific applications or our own Application and Server Hosting services to support the way you want to work.

Wireless networks can bring huge levels of freedom to organisations, allowing people to work, collaborate and collect data from anywhere on site.

Users now expect ubiquitous access to both internal and external resources from wherever they are and visitors to conference facilities and public address spaces want to be online as part of events.

Unfortunately many wireless infrastructures struggle with the high densities of wireless clients now seen in modern organisations, especially when every person might own a multitude of mobile technologies such as a laptop, a mobile phone and a tablet.

By using equipment designed to provide high-density, far-reaching coverage from two independent niche vendors, we can provide robust wireless coverage for even the largest sites.

Having conducted numerous wireless deployments and in line with providing our clients with comprehensive solutions, we not only make sure you can access wireless everywhere but can also help to set up the automatic configuration of onsite wireless devices as well as any guest or public access services you require.

We work with our clients’ and independent application and website developers to provide them a robust platform on which to host the systems that are most important to their businesses.

We take care of monitoring, managing and maintaining the infrastructure so developers and application providers can focus on what they do best – making great services for clients. Our data centres are UK-based and have the highest levels of physical security.

Choose from your own dedicated, load-balanced servers with optimised content delivery using top-tier content distribution networks through to super-economical shared hosting, where you share a server with others to reduce costs. We can manage the complete migration process too so your applications and websites never miss a beat!

A great network requires solid design principles.

Network Architecture is the term used to describe these principles – it identifies the physical, functional and organisational aspects of the network.

We work hard to ensure that the design and operation of all our networks gives our clients greater freedom, flexibility and above all helps them to be more productive whether they are connecting via our inter-building wireless links, internal Wireless Networks or via traditional wired means.

We’re also experts at rearchitecting older networks that may have been added to in a piecemeal fashion, transforming them in to high performance future-proof platforms on which to realise exciting new possibilities.

Empower your staff and allow them access to data and resources wherever they are.

We’ve helped our clients become more productive by getting the information they need on the devices they want to work with.

Mobile working now goes way beyond accessing your email on a mobile phone. Hosted enterprise applications allow people to get real-time updates on progress to key business processes. For example, managing sales opportunities to keeping track of subcontractors working for them through to updates on support tickets.

New versions of unified communication applications now extend to mobile too, facilitating audio and video calls as well as rich content sharing ensuring even the most mobile of workforces stays connected.

Founded in 1986 and based in Denver, Dean Evans & Associates is a leader in the development of sophisticated software systems including: meeting and event scheduling, resource management, academic scheduling, shared workspace management (office ‘hoteling’ or ‘hot desking’), web calendaring and online registration and surveys.

Today, more than 4000 organisations rely on EMS software. As an accredited International Business Partner we are able to implement and support the whole EMS product line as well as exploit sophisticated integration opportunities with Digital Signage (showing who is booked in to rooms or way-finding to locations), Boardrooms and High-End Sales Spaces (activating in-room technology such as video conferencing equipment before attendees arrive for their meeting) and Lecture Capture Systems (to automatically begin recording selected scheduled events or lectures).

EMS has helped facilities of all sizes, for over a quarter century, maximise resource utilisation, streamline communications and reduce operating costs. Any scheduling challenges you’re facing, the EMS product line has a solution for you.

EMS Lite

EMS Lite™ is a user-friendly room scheduling product for managing the meetings, events, classes and more that take place in your facility. Designed to schedule the rooms within a single building, EMS Lite is a cost-effective solution for smaller organisations or an individual department within an organisation.

EMS Professional

EMS Professional™ is comprehensive, full-featured facility scheduling software designed to be used in larger facilities or across multiple sites.

EMS Enterprise

EMS Enterprise™ helps organisations save time by streamlining their meeting and event scheduling, reduce overhead by optimising the utilisation of their rooms and other resources and improve communication by automating the web publishing of event information for staff or customers.

EMS Legal

EMS Legal™ helps law practices streamline their meeting and event scheduling, maximize the utilisation of their rooms and other resources and improve communications.

EMS Workplace

EMS Workplace™ is a powerful facility scheduling system for managing the most complex ‘hoteling’ requirements, as well as the booking of meeting/event space and resources.

EMS Master Calendar

EMS Master Calendar™ gives everyone instant, online access to a centralised calendar that helps you promote events.

EMS Regics

EMS Regics® is powerful, easy-to-use and cost effective software for managing the online registration process for meetings and events as well as for defining and implementing web-based surveys.

A variety of technologies exist to facilitate the effective backup of data and reduce the time to recover in the event of an outage.

There are two crucial questions that need to be answered when developing a disaster recovery strategy:

  • How much data are you prepared to lose?
  • How long can your computer system be non-operational?

The most common answers to these questions are “none” and “it can’t”. However, as the design of solutions to reach the ideal of each of these answers approaches, costs can increase exponentially. In designing a disaster recovery strategy, a compromise is normally reached between potential data loss, downtime and budget.

With offsite backup becoming a preference for most organisations these technologies now also need to be thought about in conjunction with connectivity and network architecture.

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Why choose Vanti as your managed services provider?

We're experienced

Since Vanti came to life in 2004, we've worked on a huge variety projects for a wide range of clients. This experience allows our award-winning team to provide you with the best managed services agreement possible, devising a solution that meets your needs exactly.

We're innovative

We love to think outside the box, and we're always seeking to find innovative ways of using technology to solve our clients' problems. We're constantly striving to make the way we work more efficient, and therefore more cost-effective for you.

We're here for you

As your managed services provider, Vanti are committed to helping you to achieve your business goals. We always put the end-user at the heart of everything we do, ensuring your technology works harder, so you can work smarter.

Our managed services in action…

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust - managed services provider case study

Many of our managed services agreements follow our project work, as we continue to support our clients with their newly implemented systems and networks. Since completing Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s collaborative interactive workspace, we have provided the Trust with ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure they continue to get the best performance possible out of their new space.

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  • “From our initial introduction through to the final phases of our build, working with Vanti has been a pleasure. The collaborative ‘can do’ attitude of the Vanti team has been invaluable in the successful implementation of The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s complex and varied technical fit out. Due to the multifaceted nature of building a conservatoire for the 21st century and beyond, it was fantastic to work with an open-minded and forward-thinking installation company who consistently went the extra mile, applying creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to complex problems.”

    Richard Cornock, Music Technologies Manager / Birmingham City University /

  • "We have worked closely as a team over the last couple of years with Vanti, delivering the complex and demanding Royal Birmingham Conservatoire project, which includes a high density of production venues and studios. Vanti have a very capable in-house programming team who are not phased by unusual control interfacing challenges, which has proven to be a particularly major asset for the successful delivery of show relay, stage management and lighting control systems for the project. Vanti have responded quickly to challenges arising during installation with clever and practical solutions. They have always been positive, proactive and happy to innovate together. The team have gone the extra mile and genuinely care about the quality of the end result, particularly the user experience.”

    Mike Bedford, Associate Director / Hoare Lea Intelligent Buildings Group /

  • “This project was highly challenging in terms of complexity and due to the central role AV and lighting played in the spaces we were working in. It was vital that we were able to implement the technology that would make the Conservatoire state-of-the-art without compromising the acoustic quality or soundproofing of the rooms. Alongside BCU’s music tech managers, we worked closely with technicians from world-class partners such as Meyer and SSL to achieve incredible results. We’ve installed a range of extremely high-quality equipment across the performance spaces so students can gain experience with different makes and models of mixing console, speakers, and lighting.”

    Raj Patel, Technical Director / Vanti /

  • "Vanti carried out a complete overhaul of our IT systems and servers, so now we’re all consistent and working from the same operating system. The Vanti team are very patient and will talk you through everything; if you’re not an IT guru they will hold your hand and take you through the technicalities in layman’s terms so you can make the right decisions. The whole system is working much better than with our previous IT supplier; Vanti flag things proactively and fix any issues very quickly. Even with support calls, they tend to solve problems straightaway - the team are very helpful and I can’t commend them highly enough."

    Hayley Hillyard, Financial Controller / The Lighting Industry Association /

  • “We put a lot of faith into Vanti when we engaged with them to design, supply and install the AV systems for our new workspace, as we needed an AV setup that enabled us to communicate our mission to clients, partners, and stakeholders. We weren’t disappointed - Vanti did a great job in specifying and providing systems that we needed, and they delivered this to an incredibly high standard. It was really good to work with a company that shares our drive for innovation.”

    Phil Whitfield, Interim Property Manager / Energy Systems Catapult /

  • "We are delighted with our new innovation centre. The final execution brings to life our vision of creating a hands-on environment that empowers retail staff to know, understand and, therefore, sell the BSH home appliance brands more successfully."

    Andrew Jones, Marketing Director / BSH Home Appliances /

  • "We loved working with Green Room to develop BSH Appliances' new Home of Innovation Centre. We hope that Vanti's digital displays and AV systems really help users get the most out of the facility."

    Mike Brooman, CEO / Vanti /

  • "Vanti’s installation work is so neat and precise that it makes the technology seem invisible. At the same time, they make it so easy to use that there is no need for specialists to operate it."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti’s work is always exceptional. They are always able to interpret our requirements to deliver a successful outcome to each project. […] Rather than selling you an idea, Vanti works out what your business is trying to achieve. They make the solution right for the problem, rather than trying to force a problem to fit an existing solution."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti has educated us on how to connect our audio visual technology to our IT infrastructure, ensuring that it works now and for the long term.”

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /