Whether you’re looking to improve your wireless access, collaborate better across floors or timezones, or have a vision of the working space of the future, we deliver solutions to fit your budget and timescales.


Managed services

Vanti are the managed services provider for a huge range of companies, who know that they can rely on us to keep their IT systems running at optimum capacity. We're highly proactive in our support role, helping our clients understand how they can get the most out of their infrastructure.

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Audio-visual systems

We specialise in tailored multimedia solutions, including unified communication and video conferencing systems for boardrooms, theatres, conference spaces and collaborative working areas. Our engineers are constantly innovating and striving to push the boundaries of what's possible.

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Smart building

The buildings of the future will be so much more than passive shells, with UX and Smart technology playing a far more important role. We work with construction companies, architects, consultants, and other integrators to create cost-effective, efficient spaces that improve productivity and wellbeing.

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System design

Before any installation takes place, our team of experts can craft the user experience of your new technology. We will make strategic recommendations for how everything should work together and ensure your system design is the best solution for you. After the design stage, you’ll be able to pass these plans along to another integrator if you wish.

Software development

We develop modular software that is scalable to different budgets and project needs. Our clients’ projects range from customising existing technology to creating an entirely tailored system from scratch. Whatever you require, our team of developers are flexible and experienced at finding practical and cost-effective solutions.

Network architecture & security

With an increasing amount of sensitive data stored on company networks, it's vital to keep it safe. If you’re considering a complete overhaul of your digital infrastructure, Vanti can help. We build robust security into your network architecture from the outset to give you the peace of mind that your system (and data) is as protected as possible.

Is your building smart?

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Although you can use our services separately, used together they all add up to a Smart Building. To find out more about what a Smart Building is and how it could transform how you work and learn.

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  • “From our initial introduction through to the final phases of our build, working with Vanti has been a pleasure. The collaborative ‘can do’ attitude of the Vanti team has been invaluable in the successful implementation of The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s complex and varied technical fit out. Due to the multifaceted nature of building a conservatoire for the 21st century and beyond, it was fantastic to work with an open-minded and forward-thinking installation company who consistently went the extra mile, applying creative and aesthetically pleasing solutions to complex problems.”

    Richard Cornock, Music Technologies Manager / Birmingham City University /

  • "We have worked closely as a team over the last couple of years with Vanti, delivering the complex and demanding Royal Birmingham Conservatoire project, which includes a high density of production venues and studios. Vanti have a very capable in-house programming team who are not phased by unusual control interfacing challenges, which has proven to be a particularly major asset for the successful delivery of show relay, stage management and lighting control systems for the project. Vanti have responded quickly to challenges arising during installation with clever and practical solutions. They have always been positive, proactive and happy to innovate together. The team have gone the extra mile and genuinely care about the quality of the end result, particularly the user experience.”

    Mike Bedford, Associate Director / Hoare Lea Intelligent Buildings Group /

  • “This project was highly challenging in terms of complexity and due to the central role AV and lighting played in the spaces we were working in. It was vital that we were able to implement the technology that would make the Conservatoire state-of-the-art without compromising the acoustic quality or soundproofing of the rooms. Alongside BCU’s music tech managers, we worked closely with technicians from world-class partners such as Meyer and SSL to achieve incredible results. We’ve installed a range of extremely high-quality equipment across the performance spaces so students can gain experience with different makes and models of mixing console, speakers, and lighting.”

    Raj Patel, Technical Director / Vanti /

  • "Vanti carried out a complete overhaul of our IT systems and servers, so now we’re all consistent and working from the same operating system. The Vanti team are very patient and will talk you through everything; if you’re not an IT guru they will hold your hand and take you through the technicalities in layman’s terms so you can make the right decisions. The whole system is working much better than with our previous IT supplier; Vanti flag things proactively and fix any issues very quickly. Even with support calls, they tend to solve problems straightaway - the team are very helpful and I can’t commend them highly enough."

    Hayley Hillyard, Financial Controller / The Lighting Industry Association /

  • “We put a lot of faith into Vanti when we engaged with them to design, supply and install the AV systems for our new workspace, as we needed an AV setup that enabled us to communicate our mission to clients, partners, and stakeholders. We weren’t disappointed - Vanti did a great job in specifying and providing systems that we needed, and they delivered this to an incredibly high standard. It was really good to work with a company that shares our drive for innovation.”

    Phil Whitfield, Interim Property Manager / Energy Systems Catapult /