We’re going to UK Construction Week!

On the 6th-8th of October we are excited to be attending The Smart Building show as part of UK Construction Week at the NEC Birmingham. Our CEO Mike Brooman will be delivering the show’s key note presentation at 10am on Tuesday the 6th during which he will be outlining:

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Recognition for Jyoti

Congratulations to Jyoti on having been recognised by both Birmingham City University and Microsoft following her contribution to our Continuous Improvement initiative, underpinned by a huge amount of work on our business processes and internal systems.

It’s great to see Jyoti, who joined us following her Business and Information Technology degree, grow in to an accomplished Business Analyst and valued member of the Vanti team.

You can read the full article here:

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Raj Patel recognised as IT Future Leader

Global IT Industry Trade Association to Honor Raj Patel at ChannelCon 2014 for Leadership and Industry Contributions

Raj has beenrecognised as a ChannelChanger and designated a future leader within the information technology (IT) industry channel by CompTIA, the IT Industry Trade Association. At 28, Raj is the Founder and Technical Director at Vanti and is credited with being the driving force behind the company’s continuing expansion of it’s Audio-Visual & IT consultancy and solutions businesses as well as diversification into new corporate and public sector markets.

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2014 EMEA InAVation Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now an award-winning team!

Our project work on the Library of Birmingham has been recognized and celebrated through winning the 2014 EMEA InAVation award for best Public Sector/ Government Facility.

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Technology is a tool, not a destination.

In the past week I’ve seen two different business leaders ask the exactly the same question on LinkedIn and it’s one that we are frequently asked by clients – what’s the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) / MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) / <insert business process here> application?

We also get asked this from a hardware perspective too – what’s the best video conferencing platform, multi-site collaboration tool, laptop, the list goes on…

In our fast-paced world of continual change we’ve lost sight of the fact that technology is a tool that helps us achieve things faster, to a higher quality or in a way that we weren’t able to before. We also fail to consider that in an era of almost infinite choice, what is best for one person may not be best for us or our organisation.

So whilst sales and marketing engines continue to tell us their solution is best for us, why not take a step back and challenge the assertion?

Business leaders – define how your organisation works (your business processes), who needs access to information (role definition) and how they want access to it (does everyone sit at a desk with a workstation, will they be stood in a collaboration space or do they need information available on mobile devices?)

Educationalists – define how you want learners to learn (pedagogy), how you want them to access and manipulate information (researching text data or watching videos and rendering 3D models?) as well as the environment you want them to do it in (individual research in a classroom or library or as a group in an immersive learning environment?)

Once you’ve defined why you want to change how you’re working, how you’re going to do it and what technology you need become incredibly easy to define.

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The countdown has begun!

With our work on the foyer media wall at the Library of Birmingham now complete, the countdown to opening has begun!

The 4×3 collection of screens can be seen clearly from outside the building and are now a continual reminder how little time is left before the public are welcomed in and the vast space will really come alive.

We’ve got some exciting new concepts still left to commission including a Toposcope and a revolutionary way for people to take control of in-room technology. More on those later…

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Lync, meet Skype.

The enterprise richness of Lync, now with the global reach of Skype.

Have you got Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft has now announced the new Lync-Skype connectivity for Lync customers around the world. Enabling Lync and Skype to connect to one another has many advantages to how you could work. This combination now allows you to connect and collaborate with suppliers, customers, and partners all around the globe ‘from the living room to the boardroom’.

Don’t forget the exciting potential of integrating your physical meeting spaces with Lync too using Visual Collaboration, turning UC (Unified Communications) in to Unified Communication and Collaboration.

Read more and get SkypeLyncing!

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AMX helps you find available meeting rooms

Have you ever had a time where you need to use a room for an urgent meeting but you are not sure which rooms are available?

Checking availability might involve going through a long manual procedure to find the available room. AMX introduces Modero X series panel with small LED on each side that glows green if the room is available and red if it’s booked.

Read through this article to find out more and how it could change the way you find your available rooms and don’t forget, we can do an excellent job of integrating resource scheduling software such as the excellent EMS from DEA ( to make the experience even better!

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Improving Business Productivity

We are shaping the future of business while we grow as a company ourselves, taking advantage of the latest technology developments. Our project work is focused on the user experience and we’re always striving to improve business productivity through collaboration and technology that will last well in to the future.

Have a look at Jacobs Morgan’s suggestions on what will the future look like. What should it look like? And how can technology be used better?

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