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How we celebrated each other on our team away day (without British awkwardness)

The two themes of Vanti’s whole company away day last week were clarity and celebration.

Clarity because we’re growing bigger every month and doing a huge variety of complex things, so it’s hard for anyone, newbie or old hand, to keep up.

Celebration because we’re tackling a huge number of questions in how we work (both on the people and system front) and it can be easy to see all the hard bits. Being able to step back and see what is valuable and good in where we’re at is super important.

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Proud to Sponsor TEDxBrum 2016

Vanti are proud to be from Birmingham, and we’re always looking for opportunities to help promote or support our great city. It’s for this very reason that we were delighted to be involved in the recent TEDxBrum 2016, providing internet connectivity, wireless and live streaming services throughout the event.

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Vanti v10.0 – The Best is Yet to Come!

We’re almost there… 10 years old this October! It’s been an incredible time; we’ve achieved some amazing things and created an internationally-award-winning team.

Nine-and-a-bit years on and we’re now a thriving digital experience company creating everything from truly immersive classrooms used to inspire kids to learn maths to the Smartest building in the UK today for United Business Media.

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