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Three triggers that make us hate feedback (and seven ways to minimise them)

No matter how much care someone takes with how they give us feedback, it’s often still tough to receive.

Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen have identified three triggers that make feedback hard to hear and therefore make it difficult to find anything potentially helpful in what we’re being told. (This is the third in a short series of posts about how we think of feedback at Vanti. The first was on why we all need feedback, and the second was on how to get the type of feedback you need.)

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Get the feedback you need

There is a lot of training out there about how to give feedback. The thing is, often the feedback we receive isn’t given in the way that we’d most like.

(This is the second in a short series of posts about how we look at feedback here at Vanti. The first was about why we need feedback in the first place.)

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How to reduce blindspots

We’re currently in the middle of performance and development review time at Vanti and I thought it would be good to talk a bit about feedback.

At Vanti, we’re building a culture of constant evolution, but in a non-traditionally hierarchical environment. Over the next few months, we’ll be innovating how we run PDR meetings so that they happen much more organically and regularly. This month, however, we’re doing running a more conventional approach to mark the end of the year.

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How we celebrated each other on our team away day (without British awkwardness)

The two themes of Vanti’s whole company away day last week were clarity and celebration.

Clarity because we’re growing bigger every month and doing a huge variety of complex things, so it’s hard for anyone, newbie or old hand, to keep up.

Celebration because we’re tackling a huge number of questions in how we work (both on the people and system front) and it can be easy to see all the hard bits. Being able to step back and see what is valuable and good in where we’re at is super important.

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People questions we’re looking at

This is the fourth in a series of posts about the culture work we’re doing at Vanti. I’ve shared the framework we’re working with, our strengths and the big challenges we’re facing. 

In this post, I look at the questions we’re working with connected with the people side of things. The next post will be about system-based stuff (obviously, people vs systems is a false dichotomy, but it helps me to break up this long list so it’s easier to digest…)

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Some big challenges we face

We have two big ambitions at Vanti – to create incredible, user-focused digital experiences within the built environment, and to become a beacon tech employer. Reaching those ambitions is not straightforward.

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Vanti’s strengths

In the last post, I introduced you to the culture work that we’re doing and the framework that is guiding us.

Before I get into our challenges (and I really do – in three pretty long posts!), I thought it would be good to talk about our strengths. As a relative outsider, I feel like I can brag without being weird.

We have a lot of strengths.

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We’re brewing some exciting culture stuff…

We’re working on some incredibly exciting stuff at Vanti in terms of culture and we want to keep you informed. This article is the first in an ongoing series of in-public experimenting that we’re doing to involve you in our progress. Hopefully we’ll inspire you to experiment yourself.

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