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Vanti background

As an internationally award-winning audio-visual and IT systems integrator, Vanti create tailor-made technology that helps you grow your business, become more productive and save money.

Whether you’re looking to solve a single issue like wireless access, want to collaborate better across floors or timezones or have a vision of the working space of the future, we’d love to find out how we can help you. Every one our bespoke solutions prioritise the goals of our clients and the needs of the end users, creating effective and efficient working environments that everyone can enjoy. 

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Managed services

Vanti Managed Service Agreements are perfect for busy, forward-thinking companies looking to minimise downtime and use technology efficiently to boost productivity and profitability.


Audio-visual systems

We provide comprehensive AV systems and solutions for a wide variety of projects and clients, ranging from classroom-based interactive whiteboards to full-featured theatre and PA systems.


Smart building

Vanti are one of the UK’s most innovative systems integrators, leading the way when it comes to Smart building. We collaborate with a range of partners to create cost-effective, efficient spaces that work.



Vanti have worked on a huge range of projects for a wide variety of companies.

Here are just a few of the clients we’ve helped to get the most out of their spaces by using innovative technology and a forward-thinking approach.

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How we work

We believe that working in a collaborative way with our clients enables us to truly understand their problems and develop the best solutions possible for them and their end users.


What we do

Our team of technology experts provide custom audio-visual systems, IT and managed services, and Smart building integrations and solutions for clients in both the private and public sector.


Work with us

We’re always looking for the next superhero to join our team. We want people who can live what we’re all about. We want original thinkers and team players with grit and gutsy vision.



Want to find out how Vanti can help you improve your space?

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  • "Vanti carried out a complete overhaul of our IT systems and servers, so now we’re all consistent and working from the same operating system. The Vanti team are very patient and will talk you through everything; if you’re not an IT guru they will hold your hand and take you through the technicalities in layman’s terms so you can make the right decisions. The whole system is working much better than with our previous IT supplier; Vanti flag things proactively and fix any issues very quickly. Even with support calls, they tend to solve problems straightaway - the team are very helpful and I can’t commend them highly enough."

    Hayley Hillyard, Financial Controller / The Lighting Industry Association /

  • “We put a lot of faith into Vanti when we engaged with them to design, supply and install the AV systems for our new workspace, as we needed an AV setup that enabled us to communicate our mission to clients, partners, and stakeholders. We weren’t disappointed - Vanti did a great job in specifying and providing systems that we needed, and they delivered this to an incredibly high standard. It was really good to work with a company that shares our drive for innovation.”

    Phil Whitfield, Interim Property Manager / Energy Systems Catapult /

  • "We are delighted with our new innovation centre. The final execution brings to life our vision of creating a hands-on environment that empowers retail staff to know, understand and, therefore, sell the BSH home appliance brands more successfully."

    Andrew Jones, Marketing Director / BSH Home Appliances /

  • "We loved working with Green Room to develop BSH Appliances' new Home of Innovation Centre. We hope that Vanti's digital displays and AV systems really help users get the most out of the facility."

    Mike Brooman, CEO / Vanti /

  • "Vanti’s installation work is so neat and precise that it makes the technology seem invisible. At the same time, they make it so easy to use that there is no need for specialists to operate it."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti’s work is always exceptional. They are always able to interpret our requirements to deliver a successful outcome to each project. […] Rather than selling you an idea, Vanti works out what your business is trying to achieve. They make the solution right for the problem, rather than trying to force a problem to fit an existing solution."

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • "Vanti has educated us on how to connect our audio visual technology to our IT infrastructure, ensuring that it works now and for the long term.”

    Ben Hughes, IT Manager / Innovation Birmingham Campus /

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with the team from Vanti and they have been instrumental in the successful technology delivery at the Library of Birmingham. We’ve valued Vanti’s collaborative attitude to working together, with a real focus on getting things done and the end users’ experience of technology rather than continually referring to contracts or specifications.”

    Peter Marsden, ICT Programme Manager / Library of Birmingham /

  • "Everyone can see everything we need to bring on the screens – we have no paper here. And I can send all the notes we make together with the minutes after the meeting. We have deliberately brought a number of other meetings that wouldn’t normally be here to this office and when people have seen this system they say it is a good way to work and they like that way of working. The value of this system can be seen in the final creativity of what we are doing – it has had a really positive effect on the way we work."

    Dr Clive Thursfield / Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust /

  • "The specification works very well –  you put the pens on the table and people get drawing. We would have done this activity on a flipchart before – now we can move things around, erase things, write over notes and annotate directly onto PowerPoint presentations. It really releases the creativity for me, and others say the same."

    Dr Clive Thursfield / Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust /